Tower Garden


Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ is a state of the art vertical aeroponic growing system that allows almost anyone to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables at home–even if they don’t have a yard! All you need is a sunny patio, terrace, deck or balcony.

We love our Tower Garden & it has been a great family experience–from the planting,  to watching it grow, to picking the vegetables, and then eating it. We have had a garden, but are not the best at keeping it weeded and maintained. I love how easy this is to use & how convenient it is to walk out on my deck and grab what I need. I also love that having this outside our door makes us all eat more vegetables!

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Tower Garden  On the right, is Madalynn at almost 2, on our deck playing with the cucumber leaves. What an awesome thing it is for kids to be part of the whole process. She liked picking everything early…but she also loved eating the produce fresh picked. This is early in the season so it all got a lot bigger! We also added a tomato cage not long after this photo was taken.


On the left, is my friend’s tower gardens in Minnesota in the middle of winter–growing inside her sun room. With grow lights, it is possible to have a fresh garden all year long! We are excited to have produce so easily accessible & fresh all year now as well.