Most of the chronic, degenerative conditions we see in the U.S. can be prevented or reversed by making positive lifestyle changes. My mission is to educate people on how they can improve their health outcomes–as well as how they feel on a daily basis–by changing their diet and lifestyle habits. I strive to help people break through the confusion around nutrition and offer simple solutions to help get more whole, plant foods in their diet.

Tammy’s Top 2 Simple Steps to start improving your health:

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“Just want to tell you again how great your newsletters are! I read every word of it (again), and will be trying your hollandaise sauce very soon. I am making some small inroads into healthier eating with my family, although we are already fairly healthy eaters. My goal is just to eat whole foods/plants first and most. Newsletters like yours keep me focused and on track.” 

–Lara G., Michigan

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