Must Have Pantry Items

As you are moving toward adding more health promoting plant foods in your diet, here are the foods & items I recommend having on hand at all times–especially for the rushed days or when you need to grab & go.


Brown Rice  *can be done easily in a rice cooker

Quinoa or other whole grains of choice  *can also be done in a rice cooker

Canned Beans of different kinds (our favs are black & pinto) *Rinse them to decrease sodium; canned are still very nutrient dense & make it easier to “stick with” eating them more often.

-Canned Tomatoes *can easily be thrown in soups or sauces for added nutrition

Healthy soups (such as Amy’s brand Vegetable or Minestrone) *can put over rice, quinoa, potatoes for a quick, filling meal


-Sweet Potatoes

Whole grain pasta & healthier Red Sauce  *compare labels; watch for ingredients you recognize in the sauce

Steel cut or rolled oats

-Salsa  *look for ingredients you recognize

Flaxseed  *Must consume it ground. Throw whole seeds in a high powered blender (smoothies) or grind in a coffee grinder first.

High Quality, Plant based powder (for smoothies or a quick, on the go meal) *We use Juice Plus+ Complete (see the Juice Plus Tab under Nutrition-for more information or to order your own) Look for Nutrition Facts panel vs Supplement, all plant based, foods you recognize and high fiber from whole foods. Ours has 8 g fiber in a scoop.


-Rice Cooker

Blender (I recommend high powered as you start to do more smoothies; we have a Vitamix)

Handheld Immersion Blender  *great for pureeing soups and sauces–especially to hide all those vegetables for picky eaters!

-Good Non-stick pans *help you reheat leftovers without using oil or butter.


Bragg’s Liquid Aminos  *Use in stir fries in place of soy sauce; great on vegetables instead of butter or salt

Hummus  *Can purchase (careful of oil content) or make easily yourself. Use with cut veggies or as a base for sandwiches or wraps instead of meat.

Healthier Salad Dressing  *Look at the brands in the health food section of your store–such as Annie’s. You can make your own oil free recipes easily as well. Watch for dairy in the creamier ones.

Greens of your choice (spinach, mixed greens, romaine,etc./Slowly taking out the iceberg or head lettuce and going greener for more nutrition). *great for quick salads or to toss in your smoothies!

Broccoli slaw  *easy to throw with greens for a super fast salad!

-Plant Milk of your choice (Rice, Soy, Almond)

Fresh fruits & vegetables–always on hand  *To ensure you will eat more, cut them up for the week, when you have time.

-Bananas  (*I realize not refrigerated item…but a key ingredient to a smoothie or for a quick snack)


Frozen Fruit (a variety of kinds)  *great for smoothies & fruit ice cream!

Frozen Vegetables  (a variety) *can be thrown in many dishes quickly, made into stir fry or used as a side dish for meals

-Amy’s Frozen Dairy Free Beans & Rice Burritos  *We love to have these on hand for those really rushed days: with beans, rice, salsa–all on hand! If we have avocados that is a great addition! (made into guacamole…even better!)

 -Fresh Kale or Spinach–you freeze *we grow it and freeze the individual leaves to throw in smoothies!

-Edamame (frozen soy beans in pods)  *these are one of our favorite appetizers & so quick! Steam or Boil; Toss a little sea salt on and enjoy!