Nutrition Classes

Do you have a desire to feed your family well–but feel like you are often too busy to make it happen? Feel unsure where to begin? Maybe you feel confused with so many mixed messages about nutrition?

Are you yearning for more energy, ready to feel really good most of the time and maintain a healthy weight–long term?

My goal is to make nutrition simple and to help people understand that the science is clear on how we should be eating–though it is not often what we are taught. I help people move toward & stick with a more whole food, plant based diet–at whatever pace works for them. Being a busy mom, my passion is to provide simple solutions for eating healthy & adding more whole, plant foods to our diet.



Nutrition Made Simple

45 min Class

This class offers the core principles of how we should be eating & helps you break through the confusion that exists around nutrition. Tammy shares simple solutions to help you modify your current meals while adding more health promoting plant foods to your diet in a way that fits w/your busy life. Great class to gain knowledge & solutions to kick start your health or kick it in the right direction!

*Classes offered live, online & can be done for groups of all sizes on-site or online. On-Demand (Online, in your time!) option coming soon. If you would like to be added to the list for upcoming classes or look at an option for your group, contact Tammy.



Take Charge of Your Health:

2 hour Nutrition Intensive

This class is for anyone seeking improved health or greater knowledge in nutrition. This class helps you gain total clarity on what constitutes good nutrition & the impact it has on our health.

Tammy has taught this class to many health & wellness professionals who want to be able to share the basics of nutrition with their patients and clients to–that is based on sound science. She has also taught many individuals who are wanting to take their health to the next level & want to be sure they are doing it right!

*Classes offered live, online & can be done for groups of all sizes on-site or online. On-Demand (Online, in your time!) option coming soon.

You will leave this 2 hour foundational class with:

-The truth about how we should be eating–which is not what we are often taught!

Carbs & Protein–are we mis-informed?

-Total clarity with all the confusion around nutrition

-A variety of Simple, Go-To Plant Based Meals that can be thrown together quickly

-Grab & Go Snack & Meal Options for anytime of day

-Ideas for Making the Meals your Family Loves Healthier

–Resources, ideas, & solutions you can use right away


Please use the form below to register for the next class–when it is listed–or contact Tammy to be put on the waiting list. When you click submit you’ll be taken to paypal to complete registration. *Please do not register if there is not a class set up–contact Tammy.



*Specific Details based on the group’s needs

Tammy enjoys speaking to groups of all sizes to help them improve their nutrition. She focuses on why & how to add more whole, plant foods in your diet–and then guides participants on where to begin or helps take them from where they currently are–to where they would like to be. She is passionate about helping people break through the confusion around nutrition & keeping it simple so that changes are realistic & lasting.

Tammy has spoken to doctors & patients at Chiropractic Centers, Dental Offices and Physical Therapy Clinics, at Fitness Centers, Wellness Centers, a Martial Arts Center, for Personal Trainers & their clients, Yoga studios, at schools & in the community to parents & older children (Tammy formerly taught nutrition to MS/HS students), Athletes, Cancer Survivors, as well as many other groups. She has spoken to large audiences at conferences and at events put on by St Joseph’s & Sacred Heart Hospital’s on nutrition.

*Contact Tammy to talk about topic ideas, time frame and cost options to fit your group.


What participants are saying about classes:

“Tammy is approachable and very interested in educating people about the truth in nutrition research. She has a wealth of knowledge from top medical professionals and researchers that you must learn! I recommend taking her nutrition class and then choosing to put that wisdom into action. Your body will thank you.”

–Cheri Dostal, evolve wellness llc

“Tammy’s classes provide very unique research based information about nutrition. I’ve attended several of the same class and pick up something new each time. I love how she suggests to start slow if you want to make changes in your life. Too often people try to make a lot of changes all at once and end up quitting. Tammy makes getting healthy easy and sensible.”

–Dr. Laura Bertram, Gateway Chiropractic Center

“Families and individuals are faced with more dietary challenges than ever in our history. It’s important to have professionals who have a passion and desire to truly help people make informed choices with what they eat and drink. Tammy has this passion and desire. I would encourage all my patients and their families to take advantage of Tammy’s classes in hopes they would make better nutritional choices.”

–Dr. Craig Tarini, Gateway Chiropractic Center

“Tammy is an excellent teacher! She is enthusiastic and has so many practical ideas for incorporating better practices in nutrition and lifestyle for anyone, but particularly busy moms like me! I highly recommend any of her classes.”   

–Emily Matchey, Eau Claire, WI