According to Dr. T.Colin Campbell, “The China Study”–we should never rely on 1 study or 1 person’s point of view when it comes to nutrition–we want multiple, comprehensive studies pointing in the same direction. For this reason, after taking my classes or working with me–I encourage people to continue their search for information through reliable sources. I am including some of them here for easy reference.

“THE CHINA STUDY”–Dr. T. Colin Campbell *If you had to choose one book about nutrition, I recommend this be it. Dr. Campbell lays the foundation on the health benefits of whole foods, plant based nutrition–providing many years of reliable science (much of which he was a key part of).

“PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE”–Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. *Dr. Esselstyn has an incredible record of reversing heart disease–even in the sickest patients–using whole food, plant based nutrition. This book describes that amazing research as well as how you can become heart-attack proof.

“DR. NEAL BARNARD’S PROGRAM FOR REVERSING DIABETES”–Dr. Neal Barnard *A must read for anyone with diabetes to learn what the science shows–and it is different from what you are often told. Dr. Barnard shares the possibilities of what whole food, plant based nutrition can do for diabetics.

(Website only) PHYSICIAN’S COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE–Dr.Neal Barnard/President Filled with great health information, free resources/handouts on a variety of health topics, recipes and much more!

The Wellness Forum & Dr Pam Popper--Dr Popper was my mentor for years and is a wealth of knowledge in nutrition!

*I was blessed to have studied with all of these leaders in the field of nutrition! They were all featured in the popular documentary that was in theatres–“Forks Over Knives”. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!